Can I cut energy costs by buying energy from a third-party supplier?

Yes. You can find tariffs that offer savings ranging from 10% to 30% against the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) baseline tariffs when buying from a third-party energy supplier.

What do I need to buy energy from a third party?

You need to register as a Qualified User. For this, you must have a measured electricity demand of at least 1000 kW either in a single load (plant, factory, warehouse, etc.) or between multiple loads.

We recommend launching a Power Supply Request for Quotation process with the support of specialists in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements to guarantee the best energy supply conditions.

My company wants to get 100% clean energy, are there options for this?

There are over 40 Qualified Suppliers in the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) which of many can supply energy from 100% clean or renewable sources. They also offer Clean Energy Certificates and Renewable Energy Certificates with international validity.

Already have a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a third-party supplier, is it possible to find a better tariff with another supplier?

Absolutely. EPSCON can run a competitiveness analysis to compare your current tariff against market tariffs or launch a Request for Quotation process to compare against real third-part suppliers’ offers. It is important to understand your current contract to make better decisions regarding your next steps.

I already have a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), how might the recent regulatory changes impact my contract and energy costs?

This is an especially important point. There have been multiple regulatory changes that had an economic impact on final users o that led them to renegotiate their contract, request different supply conditions, or even migrate to different energy supply schemes.

Lo que recomendamos es que se apoyen en expertos que entiendan la implicación de los cambios regulatorios, en general en el sector eléctrico como en lo particular en tu contrato de energía eléctrica.

We strongly advise getting support from EPSCON. We are a team of experts that understand the regulation and the impact that any changes may have on the Electric Energy Sector or on your Power Purchase Agreement.

Why do I need the support of experts in the Power Purchase Agreement negotiation process?

The Electric Energy Sector demands high specialization to make strategic decisions. Constant changes in the regulation require specialists that are up to date on any changes and their impact on energy users. Our experience negotiating and managing energy supply contracts places us in the best position to help our clients get the greatest benefit from the open market.

Why hire EPSCON services? What advantages or what value would it bring me?
  • We are specialists in negotiating energy supply contracts.
  • Our consultants have proven experience, having negotiated: 
    • More than 60 Power Purchase Agreement
    • More than 4,000 GWh/year of energy
    • More than 700 MW of capacity
    • For more than 700 Load Centers
  • We have a deep knowledge understanding of the Mexican Electric Regulation.
  • Launching multiple Request for Quotation Process for our clients has given us high market sensibility, giving us an edge in understanding the market, its suppliers, and their offers and contracts.
  • We are Mexico’s go-to consultants on Power Purchase Agreement negotiations, having nationwide recognition. We are frequently consulted and interview by mainstream media and write El Financiero newspaper’s column “Energy Intelligence”.
  • Our results speak for themselves. Our greatest credential and pride is the recognition we get from our clients and their satisfaction with our services. Referrals and recommendations are our growth strategy, so you can be certain will focus on getting you results and satisfaction.
Is installing solar panels a good fit for my company?

Each case would need an evaluation.

Although buying energy from a Qualified Supplier is usually more cost-efficient than installing a solar generation system. For companies that do not have this option (because they demand less than 1000 kW), this kind of project is a good alternative to cut energy costs.

Solar generation system suppliers, besides selling the project, also offer energy supply contracts. In said contracts, the supplier invests in the system while the client buys the energy at an agreed-upon rate for a certain term. In these cases, we can also support you with the project's analysis and negotiation.

I still have questions.

Get in touch with us to schedule a meeting, answer specific questions about your company and build an electrical energy supply strategy that maximizes your savings.