Power Supply RFQ (Request for Quotation)

Each company has specific needs according to its particular operating conditions and its strategy.

At EPSCON we are fully aware of how important it is to perfectly understand the operating needs and the requirements of each of our customers’ facilities in order to propose the ideal tariff and contract conditions.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) negotiation

A crucial part in the power procurement process is the contract negotiation. One same user can attain significantly different results depending on the negotiation he carries away.

At EPSCON we offer profound and specific knowledge regarding the electric industry, power suppliers and the leverage each company can use in PPA negotiations. For these reasons our customers can have an advantageous position to get the best possible deal.

PPA monitoring (savings, billing, regulation changes, etc.)

Once the PPA has been settled, it is very common that there is no one with the availability or the expertise required to closely follow up the agreements reached.

In these situations, some advantages included in the contract may be unexploited or even incorrect billing can go unnoticed for months, thus throwing away some of what was won during the negotiation.

For these reasons, we offer a monthly follow-up service for billing and the PPA conditions in general, so that our customers can fully profit from their contracts.

Management of regulatory procedures

We offer our customers the service of carrying out their procedures before the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

Qualified Users registration, permits modification and all sorts of procedures through OPE, are performed regularly by our team, so our customers can be confident on our thorough performance and on avoiding costly mistakes on these highly important procedures.

Energy office

Ensure that the contractual conditions are met during the life of the Power Purchase Agreement in order to obtain the expected benefits.

Perform a monthly billing analysis to confirm that invoice issued by the supplier(s) is correct. Savings verification.

Corroborate that the tariff remains competitive versus the reference tariff or the market.

Renegotiate the terms of the contract in case the tariff stops being competitive.

Negotiate the contract renewal based on client’s requirements.

Continuously advice regarding Mexican Energy Regulation (changes in law, their implications on Power Purchase Agreement, etc.)

Informe opportunely about new options from the market, based on the client’s requirements.