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EPSCON is a consulting firm specialized in energy procurement for medium and big companies, whose mission is to help the electricity consuming companies in Mexico to obtain the greatest benefit from the competitive opening in the electricity industry in the country.

Some of our competitive advantages:

Our consulting team has proved experience and a high level of expertise, having negotiated: more than 60 Power Purchase Agreement / more than 4,000 GWh/year of energy / more than 700 MW of capacity / for more than 700 Load Centers.

Market sensitivity and knowledge.

We constantly are launching Request for Quotation process for our clients, this has allowed us to know all the Suppliers in Mexico, their tariffs, prices and contractual conditions. We have negotiated contracts with most of them.

Acknowledge from our clients.

Our best cover letter and source of pride is the recognition of our clients and the satisfaction with our services. Their references of our services have been key for our success.

Deep knowledge and understanding of the Mexican Electric Regulation.

Preparation of bids

Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's)

Billing and Savings Contract Follow-Up

Management of Proceedings before the CRE

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